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Daily School Journal day 104 (PM) SAY WHAT?

by admin on February 11th, 2004

I am going to describe our site elder. He’s about 75 years old. He’s a nice enough guy, except for the fact he couldn’t hear himself talk, let alone someone else. He’s always eating his soup, and just not really involved in any conversations. YET he still wants clarification on what people are saying EVEN, if they are having a conversation that totally doesn’t include him.

iThere’s a sale on patio furniture at Wal-Marti
iOh really, how much.i
i149.99 for a table and 4 chairs, they’re nice too.i
iWOW That sounds pretty nice..i
*Insert silence and then he’ll chime in*
iWhat’s on sale.i
iPatio furniture.i
iWhat type of furniture?i
iYou said it’s at WAL-MART?i

I mean the only reason he keeps on keeping on is A) his job is so simple monkey’s could almost do it. B) He’s got like 405 people living with him in his house. I have had to room with the guy on a conference, and I can say he this; he has to pee like every 45 minutes on the nose. He’s like father time or something. He’s a living example of what happens when you stay in this education game too long. I hope I have sense to get out 15 years earlier.

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