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Daily School Journal Day 103 (PM) Who is your ‘DADY’ and what does he do?

by admin on February 10th, 2004

In asking the student who was ON the Riki Lake show what his experience in NYC was like. I got the following response,
iIt was ah-iight. People talked funny. Shit was hella expensive, an’ I’ll tell you this, Riki Lake was FINE as hell.i

I never would have thought it. Ever.

In looking at some of the folders in my class where students keep their iworki, I have the following concerns.

Why do people feel the need to write down a list of the bands they like? Is it some sort of loyalty thing? Do they feel like the band would be proud of them for doing it? Is it like a subtle way to gain friends? iHey I couldn’t help but notice you have Metallica written on your folder. DUDE, I LOOOOOOVE METALLICA!!!! Let’s be friends.i I don’t know. I like to take their folders and add some bands to their lists that they may have forgotten. I mean I KNOW everyone loves WINGER, and BANANARAMA, but sometimes they just forget to write them down, so I added them, as a favor. We’ll see if they thank me.

People also write things about other people on their folders. Things like; eSo-and-So is a bitch.’ It’s like it’s a giant billboard for their grievances. I think maybe they think if they write it down on their folder, the person will see it, and get the hint, without there ever having to be a confrontation. iOH HEY, I couldn’t help but reading your folder, and it says I’m a bitch. Thank goodness you feel that way, I can cancel you off of my greeting cards list.i

Pot references are also a common item to be discussed on the folder. It’s still something I don’t get. If you really want to advertise your love for Marijuana, why not paint it on your car? One child has drawn a giant mushroom on his folder with just the word iSHROOMi written in bubble letters behind it. It’s very pretty.

One student has written a poem on their folder, it makes no sense to me, but I will put it here in hopes that it reaches someone in need.

Hi and Die
Death is such a word
That you muter it once
Death is something you feel
You will only feel this feeling once
But it will be a feeling you will soon forget
Because yet it is a feeling you will only feel it once and never again
It is like love in a way
You can only love once (OK I have to insert something I love Pizza, and my Dog and lots of things)
I am so sick of those little fu*king posers that do not get it.
You only get one love
Just like you only get one death.

This same kid wrote iWHO IS YOUR DADY?i on his folder. I would place a guess that his daddy was a poor speller. Again, maybe it’s just me.

In slightly related news, I have another concern. Why do girls feel the need to share with one another what type of underwear they have on? I seriously don’t know. I tried to ignore it, but it’s sort of hard. I always act like I don’t hear a word being said, but deep down I do, and deep down it disturbs me. I know they don’t discuss this with their parents. So why in public? I have an unwritten rule. If you don’t feel comfortable telling it to your grandparents, then don’t feel like you can say it with me around. I think I forgot to take in to account what type of grandparents most of these kids have.

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