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Daily School Journal Day 103- Don’t hate the player, hate the game.

by admin on February 10th, 2004

Hey! I know it’s been awhile since I rapped atcha’, but I had some site problems to get right. It’s a new session, and I have a very diverse group of classes. I have 2 classes who work very nicely and behave. You’d almost not know ANY body was in the class they are so quiet. I have two other classes who are SO out of control that it’s ridiculous. The problem is one or two kids, who need to be put down, to put it nicely. They refuse to work. They have turned 18, so technically they’re guests on campus. They have been put on contracts, and still refuse to work. Yet, they show up daily, sit, and do nothing, other than try and get anyone in proximity to them in a conversation about the drug de jour. DUDE, SHUT YOUR CRAP FLAP! Seriously, stop talking. I have spoke with the kids on numerous occasions (daily) and I think according to the horse’s mouth, one of them will be gone tomorrow. I know when this happens the decibel level in my room will drop significantly. I can’t wait.

Friday, I got two kids sent home for 5 days for being high at school. Don’t get me wrong, I have no real problem with people getting high on THEIR time, I just strongly object, when they do it and subject me to their stupidity. I showed up to my ceramics class, which I’m starting to think is a child labor camp for making smoking supplies. I have to break stuff constantly. I found this kid putting holes in these little shapes the other day. According to him, he was making iOn of those waterfall things, only smaller.i I’m not a smart man, but I know what a dope pipe is. I doubt this guy was going Martha Stewart on me and was building a small waterfall for his planter box. So anyways this is the type of class I deal with. I come in and two of the kids REEK of Marijuana. Not to mention that they were just sitting around staring blankly at these slip molds, like they were waiting for them to tell them the meaning of life. I called campus security, and pretty soon we had ourselves a situation. The two boys were taken in the office for questioning. One was forced to take a drug test, courtesy of his parents, which of course, he failed. The other REFUSED to take it, which is an automatic admission of guilt as far as we’re concerned. These kids are not smart enough to stand up for an injustice or anything when asked to pee in a cup. They seriously think by not taking the drug test, they are free and clear of all charges. Anyways, he was also suspended.

We have a very proud moment here at our school. Two of our children are going to be on the Rikki Lake show. Apparently one of our kids thinks he is a iplayeri, and one of them thinks he isn’t, so the case is being heard by the honorable Judge Lake, and will be decided by a jury that is her studio audience. I of course will give a complete review after I have watched it. I couldn’t be more proud. We’re going big time. I am a little disappointed I wasn’t invited to be a key witness. I had some good information. Oh well, I’m not sure I would like my 15 minutes of fame to be being a guest on the Rikki Lake show.

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