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Daily School Journal Day 99 (PM) look at all these rumors……

by admin on January 28th, 2004

“Rumor is that you’re applying for a new job?”
That’s what our janitor just asked me. OK I would like to yes, but I’m not… I guess I told someone that there was a new school opening, and it sounded cool, therefore I must be applying for a job there. I’ll be explaining it to people the rest of the year. I mean HELL YEAH I would apply for a new job if one existed. Give me a break. I know my principal will ask me about it sometime… and I’ll have to try and convince him I’m not applying for another job, then one will open up right after that and I actually WILL be applying for another job… it’s how it always works. I love rumors I have been the subject of rumors for 7 years. I have heard rumors I have been gay, dating a porn star (which was my personal favorite) dating students, other teachers, being fired, dealing drugs, under cover cop, etc. Basically a lot of things all humorous, and all un true. Sadly I lead a very normal life in a lot of ways.

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