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Daily School Journal Day 99 (AM) Can you smell me now?

by admin on January 28th, 2004

Today’s posts are brought to you by the letter Y, and the number 7. Not really but hey, sounds classy right? I have two issues to deal with this morning. They go as follows.
ISSUE 1- I hate white supremacists a lot. OK the basic issue every single one of them at my school argues is that their just “proud of their race” UHM Hello that’s racism. You can be proud of your HERITAGE… which is saying I’m happy I was have German Ancestory, and I still like the traditional foods, and customs… but when you think your RACE is better than another, you’re a friggin RACIST… .morons. I also hate how it seems every one of the White Supremacists here are the most glaring examples of a stupid white person. If we were building classes of supreme races, these people would be the first thrown out. How can you be proud of a race that isn’t proud of you? As a white person, I’m personally embarrassed that these people represent white people in public. You can’t read! You can write like an infant! You speak like a gangster! You listen to rap music! You’re an IDIOT! That’s what most of ours are like. It’s really disgusting.

ISSUE 2- Stinky kids ok we have some down right smelly kids here, I feel bad for them, you know they don’t have the resources most of us have as an everyday option, like baths and running water. (Or at least I assume they don’t) What I really want to know is why do they have cell phones? If you can pay your service charges every month, and get a phone, couldn’t you go to the truck stop and buy a bath? That’s just me… if you want to smell, hey rock out, but leave your cell phone at home. I have a hard time feeling sorry for someone talking on a new Nokia, and smelling like arm pit. IF you’re on a cell phone, I have no other option, than to believe you stink out of choice..

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