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Daily School Journal Day 95 (AM) Burnout relief

by admin on January 22nd, 2004

I couldn’t write yesterday, it was pretty hectic, and I really had nothing to say other than DAMN! I have a lot of kids in my classes… like a lot. I have the fullest classes on campus. I have kids in my classes who shouldn’t even BE in them, like Government and Economics should be reserved for people who need 40 credits or fewer to graduate. I have kids who are nearing 20, and STILL need over 100 credits to graduate, and are considered freshmen. If you’re THAT old, and STILL a freshmen, someone needs to put you out of your misery and cut you loose, you’re not going to graduate.

I read today a list of ways to help with job burnout… I’ll address them as related to my current situation, and to see if it’d help.

-Sum Talk to your manager about taking on new and challenging responsibilities that will utilize your skills and experiences. Work together to map out a clear path for your future and develop milestones and targets.

I think staying off of medication is a realistic milestone, or “target” What do they want me to say, IN FOUR YEARS I WILL MAKE THIS SCHOOL THE HIGHEST TEST SCORES EVER. Sorry this is NOT Stand and Deliver.

-Sum Look into new projects you can get involved in, even if these projects are outside your typical job responsibilities. This could include activities outside of the office or in the company’s philanthropic efforts.

UHM… Yeah could I go somewhere else and do something… during my school day. Well this wouldn’t happen
-Sum Seek out a mentor or role model at your company and schedule regular meetings with this individual to learn about other areas of the company to which you might be able to contribute.
I don’t have any “role models” here… at the traditional High School; yes I had some… not here.

-Sum Set goals for yourself and celebrate when you reach them. Make the goals challenging, but realistic.

My goal is to get through the year. Celebrate. I plan to… oh yes.

-Sum If you are feeling burned out because of unrealistic hours or workload, talk to your supervisor to work out a new situation. See if you can cut back or find ways to work more productively in order to give yourself more breathing room. Ask for assistance, temporary help, and extensions of deadlines.
This isn’t a problem for me.

-Sum Prioritize your workload and eliminate unnecessary tasks. If you are producing lengthy reports that no one reads, ask permission to stop doing them.
I see educating kids; As Kenny Rogers would say it,’on a train bound for nowhere.’ As un-necessary, I’m going to eliminate it

-Sum If you are uncomfortable in your work area, ask for more space or to move to a different area. Consider if better lighting, newer equipment or even updated software could make a difference and improve your outlook.

I would like a new computer, a stereo a bunch of games, and an ipod… maybe a plasma TV too… these would make-work a little more fun. Well basically none of these ideas help me. DAMN! Oh well the year is half over.

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