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Daily School Journal Day 93 (PM) Waiting to exhale….my vomit

by admin on January 20th, 2004

The first day of the new session is always hectic. Everyone shows up, and gets their new schedules that have been made for them, and they all hate them… so you get a million and one kids trying to rearrange them. It’s chaos. I had kids try to switch classes, add and drop classes… it is very frustrating to say the least.
I have all these kids who are like 456 credits away from graduating who are in senior government, UHM NO… you’re technically still an 8th grader you don’t need to be in my class trying to read the book cover. I have classes that are filled to the hilt with kids… it’s just a mess, but I know from experience that this mess will tend to work itself out in the next couple of weeks. I love the kid who doesn’t do anything for me for the first 3 sessions, but all of the sudden HEY I’m going to work hard this semester, and after one day they fall right back off the productivity horse.

Having Monday be a holiday was nice, it’s always nice to brave a 4 day week rather than a 5 day one… plus we’re on the back half of the school all is well.

I didn’t win the teacher of the year award… apparently I only got one vote, my own. I do agree though with the lady they picked… she sort of deserved it if anyone did. I would have voted for her if I were into voting for anyone but me.

I’ve taken a new policy of having cereal and milk at work to eat for breakfast, because while the thought of getting up early to do anything makes me want to vomit, I do like the way I feel after breakfast… so I’m going to keep this tradition going.

I have the two kids who were heavy into public displays of affection in my class. I flat out told them they so much as wink at one another and one of them is out of here. The dude kept glaring at me all period long and mouthing the words, “this is such bullshit… ”

HAHA I will watch them like a hawk too.

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