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Daily School Journal Day 92 (PM) Seriously, I’ll vomit.

by admin on January 16th, 2004

Wow just when things today seemed so boring I wasn’t sure If I would have anything to write about 2 topics fall right into my lap.

1) Public displays of affection- YUCK. It’s so wrong. I had two kids last period practically having sex in my room, I was like “KNOCK THAT CRAP OFF NOW OR I SWEAR I’LL VOMIT.” If you wanna frolic go out side and wriggle on the frozen tundra. It’s so wrong, and nasty. The guy looks like a serial killer. I’m hoping they both decide to NOT come back in my room today, but if they do I am telling them to GO AWAY.

2) Mr.Gung Ho substitute. I am not talking Gung Ho the movie, but The guy seriously was in love with this place for some reason, he was passing out business cards, and talking about how much he enjoyed talking to our dumb as hair students. Seriously the kid he was talking about has like a 4 IQ. This guy has yet to get any sort of teaching job, he’s got 2 master’s degrees in education, and not a day teaching to show for it. DUDE IT ALL SOUNDS GOOD IN BOOKS. He was all impressed by how the kids “really took an interest in the move Pearl Harbor.” Hate to break it to you Sparky, but they liked watching planes shoot other planes. Ask them to write you an essay about it, and then tell me how “interested” they were. I threw away his business card; I know from experience our kids despise people like that. I get to hear about it when I get back after a random sub is in the building. He kept saying things like “MAN I would LOVE to work at a school like this.” Good buddy find me another gig, and I’ll trade you. A fellow teacher in the classroom was talking about how this school is made up of teachers happy to be here, and not ever wanting to leave. Really? I know 4 of 6 who are ready now. A guy next to me said something like, “Really doesn’t seem that way does it?”

Well Hell Yeah it’s a 3-day weekend… so consider me gone.

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