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Daily School Journal Day 90 (AM) WHAT?!

by admin on January 14th, 2004

I always try and get the best out of myself in the morning by doing different things. Whether it is eating a nutritious jelly doughnut and coffee, taking a long shower before I come, or taking the scenic way to work. Today I tried to pump myself up by listening to a mix of inspirational dance hits I’ve mixed together. While it succeeded in making me want to flip out the linoleum and do some spins, it didn’t make me want to get out of the car and come to work. Damn my ideas.

Yesterday someone brought quadruple chocolate bypass cake to work, and I ate a big slab, and all the ladies in the staff room were trying to wager if I would finish it. I’ll admit it was A LOT of chocolate, but it was nothing. One of the ladies made the comment “Ahh he’s gotta hollow leg.”
Ok now do you ever have those moments, where you sort have forgot the company you’re with? I had one of those and was like, “Actually I’ve got three of them” I have a new definition for uncomfortable silence.

Pregnant smoking girl has been complaining a lot about not feeling well. I wanted to say, “HEY it’s your baby telling you stop smoking bitch, it’s making me feel this way.”

I also have new annoying student who answers every one of my responses with the word “WHAT?!”

“Can I use the restroom?”
“Wait 3 minutes until class is over.”
“Can I go get a soda?”
HAHAH no kidding it just happened as I typed this.
“Can I go to the Library?”
“Our librarian is out today.”

It’s Wednesday, hump day as some people call it. I hope to god I don’t have to hump anyone today. I’m way too tired.

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