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Daily School Journal DAy 89 (mid day) That’s a real Master piss.

by admin on January 13th, 2004

Well I think I should discuss the mad pisser. He’s struck again. I’ll explain. We have a Staff restroom, (thank god) which is only accessible to the staff. The other day I went in, did my business, and nearly slipped on a wet spot around the floor near the toilet. Like all around the front of the bowl. I didn’t smell it, but I knew what it was… .PISS. Someone peed the floor. It was in that area where if you missed the bowl it would just be on the floor in front. So I was seriously close to having to go on the DL, or Worker’s comp. So I wrote a nice note and placed it over the bowl. It said basically. HEY COULD YOU PLEASE TRY AND NOT PISS ON THE FLOOR ANYMORE, GET CLOSER, SIT, DO SOMETHING! I ALMOST BROKE AN ANKLE.
Things improved for a couple days. Then today, the glistening floor was back. I steered clear of injury today, but in addition to the chance of injury there is the fact that if you need to do some business that requires being seated, like dropping some cable, then you run the risk of having your pants sit in it, which is NOT cool. It gets wet and sticks to your calf, totally disgusting. It’s a real problem. I’ve narrowed it down. I know who it is, and it’s an incontinence problem, like not being able to turn the faucet off type of thing. So it just drips and runs. I am now in a debate of whether or not to come out and throw my knowledge to the public in front of the pisser. I understand that at certain times in people’s lives shutting off the plumbing may get more difficult, so just sit and do it man, nobody else would know. It’s not like there’s a stall next to you where someone is going to go “HAHA you sit when you pee… ” All I know is it’s going to look really bad that I have to file an accident report saying I slipped on someone’s piss.

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