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Daily School Journal Day 89 (AM) I’ll go David Horowitz on your ass

by admin on January 13th, 2004

The faculty meeting yesterday was so boring it almost made me rot. It was the typical situation where the meeting was set to be over with in 3 minutes then our principal pulled out a topic he knew would stir debate, and the meeting lasted 45 minutes.

I have to go discuss my classroom evaluation today. That should be oh so fun. I can anticipate it not going well if the critique is too critical. I’ll fight back. I’ll let my opinions be known.

It’s getting towards the time of the year where time will start to fly. We have the 3-day weekend this week, 3 more in February. Then March. March is the LONG month. No holidays, like 23 school days. I am taking 1 day off in March, to combat that. I’ll miss about 8 days in April. Then May, I’ll miss about 4 in May… then it’s over.

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