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Daily School Journal Day 88 (AM) – Rock down to electric avenue

by admin on January 12th, 2004

Today is Monday which sucks in it’s own right, but the fact I had the electric blanket kickin this morning made getting out of bed and coming to work that much harder. Like the Jackson’s said, “it’s like torture” I didn’t want to come. I did. I’m here, but it’s against my better judgment. Today is a minimum day, which makes it more favorable, it’s always a shame, to use a valued sick day for only a half day, BUT you do get out of faculty meetings, which is ALWAYS good. So it’s a toss up, but I Have a lot of home school kids to get to today, and a basketball game to coach… so it’s going to be a long day anyway, was my thinking. But let’s get it on.

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