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Daily School Journal Day 87 (PM) -Roll Up Bitch

by admin on January 12th, 2004

Friday- Well Friday was hectic. It was one of those days that started out with a bang. It wasn’t a good bang. Our school has an odd sexual identity problem. We have a lot of girls who are either A) Gay. Or, B) Just experimenting with the idea. It’s totally bizarre.
SO anyway two girls in first period had issues from something in one of those categories. The whole conversation was something like this, I’m going to paraphrase, and keep it short, and it went on for about 15 minutes.
Girl 1; you’re a bitch
Girl 2; F*ck you, you stupid bitch
Girl 1: Shut up bitch
Girl 2: You’re a F*ckin bitch. Stop talkin’ to me
Girl 1: I just want my money back bitch
Girl 2: I ain’t got your money you c*nt bitch.
Girl 1: you f*ckin bitch
Girl 2: Just shut the f*ck up bitch
{I interjected a few times with pleads for them both to shut up) I was like this is NOT playmakers, or HBO; you can’t talk like this, which was always answered with
Girl 2: well tell that bitch to shut the f*ck up
Girl 1: you shut up you bitch
Girl 2: F*ck you c*nt bitch
Girl 1: what? WHAT? You gonna hit me bitch?

Eventually it got old and security took one away… . cursing the whole way.

SO the rest of the day we did some trivia contests in the classes, they all went OK the kids don’t care too much for it, but they prefer it to taking a test.

I got evaluated on Friday, which I have spoken at length on my views on that. IN a nutshell, I think its totally wrong to evaluate someone on performance who is teaching subjects they don’t like or aren’t credentialed to teach, and to kids they don’t relate too. It’s hard to do a good job of it, so it shouldn’t be done. That being said, I think it went ok, despite the fact he just SAT behind me the whole time writing things down… .so who knows. I just kept to my philosophy, and didn’t take it too seriously. I didn’t do what 75% of the other teachers do, and bribe their kids for their good behavior. But the kids were pretty well behaved.

We had to submit our votes for teacher of the year here, as always I voted for myself. I am totally against these types of things, awards and what not. They are based on popularity, and things like that. SO I just figure I show up as much as everyone else, maybe more, and do just as much or more than other teachers here, teach MORE preps than the others, Do detention stats, and whatever else they ask me to do, I teach probably 18 different classes here. I figure I deserve it. Basically I’d have to look at the other teachers here, and say hey YOU do a lot more than I do. And really I can’t say that, so it’s one vote for me.

That was a hectic day.

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