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Daily School Journal Day 86 (PM)- You’re NOT OK

by admin on January 8th, 2004

SO I am signed up to go on an accreditation visit for a school in the state. It’s sort of good to be chosen to do this I think, although 3 other teachers here got selected as well… so It makes me think about anyone can go. I get to go be part of the judging panel to see if the schools are fit to be accredited in the state. I look at their paper work and match it with what I observe while I am in their school, and talking to students, faculty, and administration… .the best part of the whole ordeal is I get out of school for 5 days… 4 for the visit, and 1 for the training, and I think 1 other for a follow-up. I just like to do things where I get to go somewhere and observe and sort of not really have to answer to anyone, I get to form my own opinions, and see how other schools live. It should be interesting, and hopefully some fun as well.

Tomorrow I’m set to be evaluated by the principal… I’m really as I’ve written against evaluation in this type of a setting, but if it must be done. I have it set to do trivia with my kids tomorrow. I figure this should be ok. Answering trivia from the chapter for candy to demonstrate knowledge instead of taking a test, you’d think this was a popular choice. I’ve done it twice before, the kid’s just sit there, they won’t answer ANY questions, or even attempt it. If they don’t get it right once, they quit (as mentioned in my AM post) I hope they at least try… ..

Here is my interesting I can’t believe it story for the week. I was sitting at my desk as usual yesterday dropping in on people’s conversations, in the guise of reading the newspaper, and I over heard a conversation very similar to this.

Girl 1 (who is pregnant): yeah I need cigarette blah blah blah
Girl 2: What does smoking do to your baby?
[This is so like a lame public service television commercial it’s almost comical]
Girl 1: I asked my Dr. and he said really not too much.
[Who is your doctor? Dr. J? ]
Girl 2: Oh really… . cool
Girl 1: Yeah I have to smoke or I just get so f*ckin stressed… .

OK So printed out about 40 pages of the harmful affects of smoking on an unborn baby, and on a child as they grow, whose mother smoked while pregnant. Needless to say it shut the girl right up… and she hasn’t spoken since. [But I’d bet she’s still smoking]

Some of the effects were higher risk of SIDS, smaller children, kids with ADD and other learning disabilities while in school, because when you smoke you deprive the baby of oxygen, which deprives the brain of oxygen, which is really bad on the kid. SO it got me to thinking, it’s probably what’s wrong with a lot of our students here, I bet if I polled the class 90% of them had mother’s who smoked while they were pregnant with them. In fact the girl told her friend, my mom smoked with me and, “I turned out OK”. Uhm No, No you didn’t. You’re 16 pregnant, at a continuation school, getting no credits, speaking in incomplete sentences, and writing at a 4th grade level, NO, you’re not OK. You turned out stupid honey.

Well enough of my ramblings for the day.

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