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Daily School Journal Day 86 of 180 (AM) The Return of the Captain

by admin on January 8th, 2004

Well I’ve come back from a small venture away from the posts to try and regroup, and see how things would go if I didn’t focus on the posting, and the negativity that went with it… things stayed roughly the same. I have a few interesting leads as far as other teaching jobs go, but until this year gets farther along I won’t have any ideas whether or not they’ll open up or any of the details surrounding them. I’ve basically decided to try and make the best of it here until I know something else. By making the best of things I mean; not letting things stress me out, not taking things too seriously, and letting things just sort of happen, because I have no real control of it anyway.

I have finally gotten enough books for all my kids, which is nice.

I’m actually teaching 1 class of art now, which is pretty good. I don’t much like the fact we have almost zero money for supplies, and the stuff we have gets stolen or treated poorly. I have about 34 kids in the class, only 3 of which really try hard to do some good stuff. It’s a little frustrating. One thing I have come to realize about every subject matter here, as compared to a traditional high school is, Kids here just try and do the minimum, to get by, slip through, or stay out of trouble. Kids at the other school actually do the assignments, and try and get something out of it. Kids here want you to do everything for them… . especially in the art class. They have no patience, and no trial and error approach to anything, which is about 75% of what getting good at art, is. You do something, it doesn’t look right, you do it again, you do something, it looks a little better, and so on. They’ll do something, not like it and give up.

It’s So easy for kids here to give up, it’s like it’s ingrained in their heads that as soon as things get challenging or not working how they want it, they quit. Two perfect examples.

1) We played the students in volleyball the staff against the students. Of course they kids talked up how great they were, and how badly they’d destroy us “old” people, it didn’t matter who we had on our team, we were done. We absolutely destroyed them, every single game… after about 3 games they decided to just screw around, not try at all, because it was easier to slack off and lose, and use that for an excuse, than to try and get better… .”we only lost because we weren’t taking it seriously”

2) I had a student making a box in ceramics, and it looked pretty good, only they weren’t making it right, using the correct techniques or anything, so it was going to fall apart soon, so they didn’t listen, and it fell apart, and they didn’t want to fix it… and just gave up, I showed them how to fix it, and in fact I even fixed it, to where they’d had it before, but it still needed some work to make it look smooth and nice, but they were done… quit.

That attitude runs deep in this school, a kid will not do any work for the first 3 weeks of a session, get a deficiency notice, and then find out how much work it’ll be to get back in good standings in a class, then decide it’s too much work, they can’t earn the maximum credit, so why try and earn any at all. Or better yet, they’ll assume when they’re 18 they are going to drop out of school, so they figure why work anymore when they’re going to drop out in 2 months anyway. I’ve heard every excuse in the world.

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