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Daily School Journal Day 63 of 180 (AM)

by admin on November 19th, 2003

This session so far isn’t going my way. There are too many kids in my classes. I am again trying to find books for everyone.
I didn’t get to finish yesterday what I was saying, after discipline, and how it’s a problem here. This story is sort of related.

I had a student ask me yesterday to use the library (this is the class with 10 less books than I need) I said sure, no problem, you can go work on other work in the library. I left it at that. I had a student say he needed to use the restroom, I allowed him to go do that. He came back in with a microwave burrito. I told him he was kicked out. He had to stand outside the rest of the class. I go on with my business. I get a call from our VP, who yells at me to tell me to keep these kids in my “damned class god damnit” I tried to explain to him that, it’s not MY problem if the kids leave after they’ve been told, or told me they were doing something else. If I tell my boss I need to go early so I can deposit my check, and he says OK. IF I then decide to go get liquored at a bar, and then stab somebody in the eye. Is that his fault? I should hope not. It’s the same idea here. I hate it when people try and pass something on me, or accuse me of something without checking the facts, or approaching me first, calm, and civil. I had another principal do the same thing once. Some kid had written some bad words in another student’s sketchbook. It was something to the effect of “this drawing is shitty, you can do better,” The mom thought I wrote it. So she comes in pissed, shows our principal the message, and he of course brings me in. Instead of him meeting with me and being calm, and respectful about it, he brings me in calls me names, mentions something about not being able to hold his f*cking jock strap, makes fun of the school I went to for high school, by saying it was his experience that everyone who graduated from there were “pretentious assholes” Basically gives me the riot act, and all before he’s even told me what I’ve been accused of. I ask what’s wrong? And he shows me the sketchbook. I look at it, look at the handwriting in it, and basically have to laugh. It looks nothing like my handwriting. The I’s are crossed with x’s. I bring back 5 sketchbooks and show him my handwriting, and how it’s obvious that it’s not mine. He doesn’t apologize, and makes me go deal with the angry parent. I’ve never respected the man since. I don’t respect people who yell first, and ask questions later, I just don’t, I mean if I were a leader, and someone was accusing someone on my team of something, I’d sure hope I started with that person rather than with the people who were accusing him. The same goes for that situation yesterday. I would have liked it far better if he had called me said hey where are these kids supposed to be at right now. I would have told him, and he could have told me they weren’t there, and I could have written the referrals. Calling me and yelling at me like I just told the kids to go wander around aimlessly makes me feel like you have no faith in me, or respect for me. I might not like my job, but I’m a little better then just allowing kids to go wander.

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