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Daily School Journal Day 62 (PM)

by admin on November 18th, 2003

Yesterday was the first day of Session 3. I’m glad I wasn’t here. I spent it drinking coffee, taking a nap, and hanging out with my son. I was amazed to watch my son at school, and see how much more proficient he’s gotten at certain things since the beginning. I watched him when he was a little shy, and reserved riding the bikes around the cement track at school. 2 Months later, he looked like a NASCAR driver. HE was cutting corners, and passing people, riding fast; even on two wheels at times (we’re talking tricycles) I was really impressed. It made me hate coming back to work even more. I also realized a few more things in my day away.

1) Our kids in many cases have maxed out. Reached maximum potential here. They have a hard time with reading, spelling, and grammar. They aren’t going to get much better, without a specialist, or someone who can focus on teaching them at a third grade level. If we try and teach kids at a low level here, they’ll just shut down, and pretend they “don’t want to do it”, to avoid looking dumb. So they are stuck in a place where they can’t get the information, and don’t want to get help to get it… so they’ve maxed out.
These kids for the most part don’t want any real part of education, so they’re not interested in learning, so you won’t see any real progress with them. I very rarely see a lot of progress in these kids. If I had to use the bike analogy, these kids stay at the same speed forever. They might seem fast at first, but as the other kids pass them, and learn to ride the bike better, and faster, and use more difficult bikes, these kids still stay on the Tricycle, forever.

2) I don’t like how this school keeps trying and trying to become another “comprehensive” high school. We’re trying to become what the other high school is, but in a different location. If the traditional high school way worked for these kids, like I’ve stated a million times, they’d still be there. Why do we want to make this place something that these kids have proven they can’t handle? If they don’t want History that’s taught by teachers with History degrees, why ever would they listen to someone who doesn’t? We used to do things around here like this. We had a system where every student had a daily time card. They went to the classes they wanted. Every teacher had his or her set of classes. The kids went to whatever class they wanted for that period. They worked on their projects, and if they worked hard, at the end of the period the teacher signed their time card and gave them a credit point (12 points = 1 credit), and an hour. State law required kids to attend 20 hours in a week. So the kids could do 6 a day, for 3 and a half days, or do 4 a day for 5, but it gave the kids options to stick with teachers they liked, to monitor how many credit points they had, hours they had etc. We had minimum days on Friday, and a lot of times very few kids because they had gotten their 20 hours early in the week. It gave teachers discipline power, because if a student wasn’t performing, you could kick them out, tell them they had to wait a week to take your class, not give them a credit point, and they knew right away they needed to increase their work. It was a better method. The kids can see right through us trying to make another “regular” school. I seriously think it’s got to be some sort of an ego thing for Administration. I made this school like a “normal school”; it wasn’t viewed as an alternative high school any more, but a regular school. It must make them feel better or something. I can’t figure it out.

3) We have serious discipline problems here. I kicked a kid out of class today for lying to me, and getting food when he was supposed to be using the restroom. He left, and went around and wandered. I got yelled at for not keeping him in class. My point was (and I still think it was valid) He had gotten kicked out of class. “You just need to keep him in class goddammit!!!!” is what I was told. I told the VP to write him up if you caught him away, he said “YOU DO IT!!!!” and hung up on me. I didn’t go running down there, and say what I wanted to say. I just wrote the kids up and threw the referrals on his desk. I guess one of the kids got suspended. Whatever, 99% of the kid’s here get “warnings” when they get referrals. Actions speak louder than words.

OK today is done… . I have to go.
More tomorrow.

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