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Daily School Journal Day 61 (AM)

by admin on November 14th, 2003

SO yesterday was really a boring day. I think I made mention to the fact that nothing happens in class due to the fact it’s the end of the session. Kids watch a lot of movies, etc. Yesterday in my class of art/leadership/newsletter nothing was happening, 4 kids were here, some were finishing a movie in another class. I was sitting here at the computer doing nothing, but reading the news online, and a school board member came into class, and I had NO idea. She made some comment on how “engrossed” I was in my class, and left. HAHA The funny thing was the kids wanted to watch Full Metal Jacket. I almost let them, had I done that, it would have been in a very bad part when she walked in. As it turned out we were watching the PG-13 Big Daddy… . Which I can deal with. I think we should have a policy that board member can only come in during a time where something is actually happening, or we need an alarm to let us know who is on campus.

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