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Daily School Journal Day 57 (AM)

by admin on November 7th, 2003

It’s Friday, and that is always a good thing. I made a discovery yesterday. It was sort of like cultural anthropology. I found a specimen I’m not sure he went to our school, but he had to have gone to a continuation school, if he went to high school at all. I got to observe him in a natural environment, Lamaze class. I had to go to the class with my wife because we’re expecting our second child in mid December.

The classes started by showing an excerpt from ‘Himself’, an old Bill Cosby stand up routine. He talks about natural childbirth, and Lamaze. He says something to the effect of “Natural child birth means no drugs will be administered to the woman during the birth, but the father can have all he wants.”
This guy who is sitting right behind me with his pregnant female companion shouts out


That was what led me to believe that I had been fortunate enough to be watching a former continuation school student in action.
The class continued and our instructor asked the couples how many kids they’d had, or if it was their first. Most couples said it was their first, some like ourselves were expecting their second, one lady her fourth. The lady companion had this to say

“My second, his first.”

Who would have ever expected that this was possible?
As class continued, we discussed diets, and proper foods to eat. Our instructor pointed out the obvious, that it wasn’t good for the baby to eat a lot of sugar, or caffeine. Our wonder couple responded something like this.

Man: “HAHA you’re busted cuz you had like 4 cups of coffee today!!”

Woman: “I know, I had pretzels and Halloween candy for breakfast lunch AND dinner.”

Man: “Ha-ha no more candy for you, means more me.”

(Through the whole conversation, and after the conversation they ate chips and candy the entire class)
We dimmed the lights to watch a video and when she turned them back on the guy shouted

“WHOA hey a little warning next time!”

It was an example that supports a theory I have on this type of person, which is that they have no idea what inappropriate comments are.
We went on to talk about smoking, and how it puts stress on babies, and you shouldn’t smoke at all, and especially an hour before doctors appointments. Here’s their response.

“Well if she don’t smoke, then it’s gonna she’s gonna be stressed.”

This basically confirmed the fact his companion was a chain smoker who can’t go for even an hour with out smoking.

When we got a break the guy got all excited they could go take a smoke break. I’m sure they both did. I felt bad for their baby, because parents like this tend to ruin their kids just fine once their out of the womb, but it’s even more sad to know that they do a good job starting on it before it’s even out.
As class went on we discussed the anatomy of the female, and showed where all the parts of the fetus, and placenta, fundus, etc just a picture diagram of what the pregnant female looks like. One of the parts we discussed was the Perineum, which is the area between the rectum, and the vaginal opening. (Note: hopefully this will be the only time I use the word vaginal ever again in my journal) The guy sat there, and I was wondering if he was going to say anything, and he did. He called it the

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