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Daily School Journal Day 53 (AM)

by admin on November 3rd, 2003

I think if I somehow end up retiring here at this school, I’ll seriously feel as if I’ve wasted my entire career. Wasted. Nothing accomplished. I need a job doing something different, somewhere different. I talked to a friend over the weekend I hadn’t seen in awhile who had a good degree, and was working in a large city, and gotten sick of the work, and decided to go into teaching. I think teaching lures a lot of people in with the idea of more time off. Teaching wouldn’t be a bad job if you were actually allowed to teach. Standardized testing, low budgets, apathetic kids and parents tend to make the actual “teaching” part hard to get to. If I actually had a school, that had a program for me to teach, I might like it. I guess I’m still too negative. This is just one of those phases where I feel like my career is destined for nothing. Even in high school, and college, if your job sucked you could change jobs pretty easily. Currently I can’t change jobs, when your job is responsible for 90% of your income, you just can’t up and move. This is getting repetitive. The worst part about this situation is as much as I look, an option for a job switch just doesn’t seem possible.

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