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Daily School Journal

by admin on October 28th, 2003

It’s red ribbon week. It’s the week where we all proclaim our choices in life to be drug free. It’s such a joke here. It’s absurd. We win the red ribbon week school decoration contest every year. I just don’t know how to deal with it. I don’t really want to participate in it at all. The kids see it as a joke. They try and alter their red ribbons to be pro drugs, instead of against them. They only decorate the school so they can draw a whole bunch of pot leaves over everything, and roll 5 foot joints from paper, and add the little red circle with a slash through it over the top. This is their creative way to say “no.’ but they don’t add that part until they practically are forced to. They run around the school pretending to puff on a 5-foot doobie, and acting like a moron. The kids don’t see the purpose in any of this. We do have some kids here who are anti-drug use, but it’s a small percentage. While they were handing out red ribbons yesterday the kids in my class were discussing how drunk and stoned they were over the weekend. It’s just not right.

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