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Daily School Journal Day 51/180

by admin on October 30th, 2003

Today is Thursday the day before this lame ass fall harvest festival we’re putting on for the kids. Costume contests, pumpkin carving contests, pumpkin bowling, bobbing for doobies, just kidding, we’re not bobbing for doobies. I have to MC the whole thing. I also have to go get the pumpkins today. I don’t want to go to the pumpkin patch. I really don’t they made me in charge of the stupid student “leadership” class, which they also made in charge of the school newsletter. The class doesn’t work. A) They never say when the newsletter is supposed to be done, so people keep writing stories on upcoming events, then the event ends, and the newsletter hasn’t been sent, so it becomes useless. B) These kids can’t even write their names. Trying to have them write pieces with any journalistic thought is so far beyond them. I couldn’t even spell check it it’s so messed up. Ok here’s a newsflash it’s 8:30 and people are talking about how hard they partied last night. Oh to be young, and stupid. I guess if I had to find the good in them partying on a Wednesday night, I’d say they are a whole lot quieter in the mornings after they’ve drank to excess the night before. I don’t want to go to the pumpkin patch today. I don’t want 12 pumpkins in my car.

Today is decorating for red ribbon week. I am still boycotting the decorating. The above conversations about getting wasted last night further support my stance. We have the type of students who would get ripped on crystal meth just because it’s red ribbon week “Dude, its red ribbon week, let’s get wasted.”

I do have one kid who’s helping a lot with the events tomorrow, making sure we’ll have everything we need. It’s kids like that help make it bearable. He’ll be half the reason things go smoothly tomorrow. But it doesn’t change the fact I don’t want to go to the pumpkin patch today.

I had a dream last night that it was may. I was happy. May is a loooong way away.

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