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Daily School Journal Day 49 (PM)

by admin on October 28th, 2003

Red Ribbon is in full effect. It’s lame. I don’t get it. I am boycotting the school decorations this year. If this is the year our streak of 5 years of winning the award dies, then so be it. I just can’t support something that the kids do as a joke.
Kids now talk about doing some sort of pain killer, like vicatin… It’s called OxiCotin or something like that, I’m not sure of how it’s spelled. It makes you go to sleep sometimes, and never wake up. I have no clue why people would take it… They talk about taking it after drinking heavily. We had a former student die this year; I’m fairly sure he was on it. Kids will do anything to get high, or alter their mind state.
They spent all day yesterday talking about how “f*cked up” they were over the weekend.
One kid told me today; “Dude I was drunk yesterday looking at myself in the mirror, and I said I’m gonna get shit done today.” He didn’t.
I need another job… . The apathy is starting again with me. I tried adding the trivia on Fridays to promote learning, and be more fun. It doesn’t work. I asked what was the name of James Madison’s wife. (I thought it was simple) I got, Mary, and a few others. I said, “No, it’s Dolly Madison, like the cakes and pies… ” They looked at me like I was on something. I didn’t have one answer. I asked for a question on one of the original colonies, and I got Salt Lake City, Utah as an answer.

Here you can’t win for losing.

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