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Daily School Journal Day 46 (PM)

by admin on October 23rd, 2003

We had a teacher loose it today. It happens every so often. They can’t deal with it, the mean attitude, the apathy, etc. They go on a crying Jag, and end up taking a leave of absence. It’s usually the same person, as it is this time. I’ve learned a few things about this school.
1) Don’t ever take things personally
2) Don’t give the kids a chance to push your buttons, because they will
3) If one kid is doing it they’ll all jump in, it’s like piranhas they get a whiff of blood and they’ll swarm, until there is nothing you can do.
4) You have to always remain calmer then they are. ALWAYS. You need to turn the tables on you.
Here is an example. It’s totally fictitious

Kid: I can’t believe you called my parents you’re an assh*le
Me: I’m sorry you feel that way; you should have been in class.
Kid: F**k you! You’re a Prick; I’ll kick your Ass! This school is F*cked
Me: Wow I should have you drug tested.
Kid: Huh? F*ck You! Why you gonna drug test me!?!
Me: You must be on drugs to be talking to me this way. I’m going to go make the call.

Usually this would cause them to flip into a rage and either throws the first punch, therefore allowing you to pummel them into mush, or they’ll just leave out of your room in a hurry, because they actually ARE on drugs.

I get called every name in the book. I’ve just decided rather then get angry over some pile of crap calling me names. I don’t care. It’s far funnier to just sit there and take it. These kids LIVE for people getting aggressive with them. That’s the only reaction they know how to respond to. When you sit there with a dumb smile on your face and ask them if c*cksucker is the most creative name they can come up with, or if they’d mine writing that down, because you doubt they can spell it. They don’t know how to respond. They want anger, they want aggression, and then they can counter with more aggression.

Today some kid kept trying to rile me by saying he was going to steal this other kids bike in my class. “Yee’ I’ma have that bike later, it’s gonna be mine.”

I said great. “That’s fine, if you’re dumb enough to confess to a crime that’s not even happened yet. Then go right ahead. I’ll finish the paperwork right now.”

He just stopped. I’ve come close to losing it. But all of those times have been sports related. It stems from being overly competitive. I don’t like to get pushed when I’m trying to play seriously.

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