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Daily School Journal Day 44

by admin on October 21st, 2003

Ahh yesterday was a real sick day. I was at home coughing up lung cheese. I decided to come back today, even though I’m not fully recovered. It wasn’t too bad. The sub didn’t leave any nasty notes. Although he let the kids talk him into watching a movie. He got suckered. Although, I guess if I were a sub, I’d go ahead and just throw on a movie. I guess he tried to teach along with it. If you’re a sub, there are some simple rules you should follow when teaching at a continuation school.

1. Don’t Teach. These kids don’t respond well to it, they are here because they don’t WANT to be taught in traditional fashion. And if they are going to be lectured, they surely don’t want to be lectured by someone who just walked into their lives.
2. Don’t take anything personally.
3. Don’t speak unless spoken to. Come in, Write your name on the board, take roll, and sit down. Read a paper, a book, or use the computer.
4. Just make sure things don’t get broken, or stolen.
5. If someone misbehaves badly, ask someone you think looks nice for their name, and write it down. Avoid confrontation. Let me do that.
6. Don’t mess with my stuff. It’s my Desk. Don’t clean it.
(Seriously I have had 2 substitutes who took it on themselves to go nuts and clean the entire classroom. Just because to YOU it’s clutter, it might be organized for me. It took me weeks to find certain papers.)
7. Really, if you brought your own PG-13 movie and showed it all day the kids would think you were really cool, and probably request you back.

Those are the basic rules for my class for substitutes. Today we had an incident in the now unruly PE class. I hate that class. It’s too full, and there are too many kids who are indecisive, or just don’t want to play. I get kids split playing different things, or just trying to sleep while standing up. Today While the Pepsi man was here, we had kids steal product out of his truck. Why you’d bring soda to a delinquent high school, and then leave the door open is beyond me. I guess 2 sodas got stolen. And it turned into a huge fiasco. Kids were throwing accusations around like baby kittens. Tow kids got blamed for it, one went quietly, and the other was very vocal about how much he hated everything about our school. I think the quiet one stole the soda, but I dislike the loud one a lot, and hope he goes down with the ship.

Our school has this “incentive” program where we give out points for good deeds, actually they’re little pieces of paper, and if you get one you are entitled to enter a drawing for a little candy bar. It’s really stupid. I tired to give them out to kids, and after awhile the kids were like. “I don’t want this crap, if I wanted a candy I’d pay for it.”
The teacher in charge of this “idea” always gives them out every session, the colors change, but the concept remains the same. I think the idea is a joke, and I always throw away the tickets. That lady just called asking if I needed more. “uhm, no”

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