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Daily School Journal Day 41(AM)

by admin on October 16th, 2003

There is nothing new for today. I’m going to finish the trivia questions for tomorrow’s experiment into new methods of teaching. I’m not excited about this. It will somehow remind me of the Saturday Night Live sketch where they play jeopardy. I doubt my kids will get any of the questions right. I am changing the way I run PE class. There will be no more democracy here, it hasn’t worked so far. I have a bunch of whiners in my class who aren’t happy with anything that gets decided on. The new method will be, I’ll pick what we play, and if someone chooses not to participate, that’s fine, they get 3 times to do that before I remove them from class forever. This method will work just fine. It can’t be any worse.
The other method of letting democracy decide, didn’t work for crap. I always had people sitting around refusing to participate. Bring on the Dictator.

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