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Daily School Journal Day 40 (AM)

by admin on October 15th, 2003

Day 39 was spent at a pre-school field trip.

Well after another day of a substitute, I find myself getting a cold. I was hoping to come back refreshed, after an early week departure, but I got sick, and now being back doesn’t seem like any sort of fun. My sub, who left the name Mr. E on the board, seems to have messed my search bar all up on Explorer. It has things like on it and space things. I wish I had a camera to see who works for me when I’m gone. There was no note left for me informing me of the behavior of my kids. I have a lot of actual work to get done today. I’ve come to the conclusion people who want to be called by a single letter, are trying too hard to be cool. “No No, call me Mr. E.”

I’m off to work

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