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Daily School Journal Day 36 (PM)

by admin on October 9th, 2003

The issue of smoking on campus is one at our school that defies logic.
First off smoking within -o mile of the school is prohibited. (I’m not exact on the number of feet, but it’s pretty close.) We have signs that say it. Being as we’re an “alternative ed.” program, we’ve somehow taken the position that it’s all right for kids to smoke at school during certain hours. The hours are before school, during break, and lunch. Keep in mind that 90% of these kids aren’t old enough to smoke, or buy their own cigarettes. If kids smoke other than the designated times, or the designated areas, then they get ticketed. It’s a huge contradiction in terms. I was teaching the PE class I didn’t want to teach, and the kids came up with the idea that could they, if they participated hard the whole class, leave 3 minutes early to go down there. I’ve taught PE at this school off and on for 3 years and participation is one thing that lacks. To me this is a fair trade; kids get 5-10 minutes in normal school for dressing out, so why can’t they have 3 minutes for themselves if they participate? My principal didn’t seem to see this. My idea is if you’re going to allow smoking on campus, then you need to sort of go with it, if teachers use it as a bargaining tool, if you DON’T want teachers to use it, then don’t allow it at all.

I have to go meet for my evaluation today. I’m stuck somewhere between just being complacent, and dealing with it, and going nuts on how much I hate it. I really don’t like the idea. I’m against getting evaluated for things I don’t like to do. I can’t think of any goals I have other than stay sane, and get a new job. Somehow I suspect that these are not good ones, or goals that would be acceptable. Well off to the meeting.

I managed to make up some decent goals, that weren’t too hard. I managed to dance around the question, and not really add any extra work to what I already do, which is what I wanted to do. Just make my goals focus on things I had to do anyway this year.

We played floor hockey today, it’s always fun, injuries, and aggression all on a gym floor, uncoordinated athletes battling for supremacy with sticks, and mediocre skills. It’s always a real hoot to watch. The puck is about as solid as a regulation ice hockey puck. I’ve been struck with it in the shin, and it hurts like hell. Some kid got one in the collarbone today. It was priceless. A few of the kids who thought they were tough were afraid to play. It shows how far I’ve come as a teacher here, I’m not afraid of any of these kids.

In the words of Ice Cube, “Today was a good day”

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