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Daily School Journal Day 34 (AM)

by admin on October 7th, 2003

I’m so not ready for my big classes, and all the noise they bring with them. I’m not ready to get reviewed this year by my principal. I don’t want it. I actually have a big problem with being critiqued on my teaching ability in subjects I don’t like. It’s like trying to judge a Basketball Player on how well he plays tennis. He’s never played it, planned on playing it, or practiced. I may insist he critique me on a class I like. I think that’s fair. I’m not being allowed to teach who, or what I want to teach, yet I still have to be reviewed on my performance, I think it’s only fair to let me choose what I get critiqued in. It’s should be happening in the next few weeks. I need to come up with my objectives for the year. Can I write stay off of medication? It’s one of them, whether they like it or not. I think when you become an administrator of anything your blinders go up to a certain degree. I don’t think it’s bad necessarily but I think it’s a must do thing in order to not go crazy. You have to look at your job and perceive things as being better than they actually are. If you knew or dealt with the fact you worked at a place where 40% of the staff is on anti depressants, and the other 60% were trying to fight it, I think it’d get to you. Seriously that’s my goal. Stay off of medication while working here. Goal number 2 finds another job teaching who and what I was trained to teach. I haven’t gotten much past that yet.

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