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Daily School Journal Day 33 (AM)

by admin on October 6th, 2003

Today is the first day of session number 2. It’s going to be hectic. It’s also a minimum day. This seems to me to be a conflict of issues. My classes are all full to the brim, it’s going to be not so fun, because I don’t have enough books in 2 of the subjects. Kids always want to use the book to copy it so they can work outside of school. ( I think they just want to look like they want to work outside school, I rarely see work turned in that was done at home.) I lose more books that way, or by kids wanting to work in other classes, and not bringing my books back. It gets to the point where I just get pissed that I can’t really tell a student what to do, then not have the books for them to work out of. It’s another wonderful fact of alternative education, supplies are in short, and money is even shorter in availability. I just hope today’s faculty meeting is a short one. I have no desire to listen to a bunch of whining.

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