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Daily School Journal Day 32 (AM)

by admin on October 3rd, 2003

Today is the day of the big softball game. I have to say it’s a great idea as far as bringing teachers and students together for something fun and worthwhile as far as making everyone get a long better. I just hope my fellow faculty members try to play to win. I don’t intend to go out with the let them win mentality. I hate to lose. The trash talking has begun and the lines have been drawn. I predict we’ll win 15- 6. I set up our defense putting the weaker players in positions where they won’t harm us too bad. I set the order to maximize run production in the first 6 hitters. We’ll see though. I do know one thing, opportunities like this are good for our school, for kids and staff alike. It’s nice to look forward to coming to school for a change.

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