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Daily School Journal Day 30 (AM)

by admin on October 1st, 2003

Being a teacher is sort of like being a celebrity, without the big money, autographs, and glamour. People always know who you are in public, even people you don’t know. If you do something bad it’s big news. You have to be fairly well behaved in public, because you never know whose watching you. I go to get gas I see someone who knows me, I go to the store, there’s someone there from our school. I mean occasionally it does have some benefits. I’ve gotten some cheaper tacos at a local store. I think I got a free soda once. If you go to a bar and someone from a class you taught sees you, they just sit there and stare usually. It’s weird. It’s one of the parts of teaching I don’t like so much. If I were getting millions of dollars, and signing autographs for people who loved me, I think I might enjoy that. I think most people look at me and go, hey I had that guy as a teacher, he was a dick, he gave me an’F’.

I think I have my new computer program today that will allow me to jump on my student’s computers and take over control. I am excited. Every teacher who has this power already says its hours of fun. I can’t wait. I plan on making them lose games, type in things they don’t want. I may make them type using correct punctuation. I am looking forward to it.

This Friday is the Staff vs. Student Softball game. I don’t want to lose, but we don’t have ANY ladies who can play. I am suspect on a few of the guys here too. We’ll see. I’m used to playing on losing softball teams.

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