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Daily School Journal Day 9 A.M.

by admin on September 2nd, 2003

Man, I guess Tuesdays aren’t as bad as Mondays, but still returning to work after a 3-day weekend always sucks. I feel slightly rested, and still not ready to go. I had nightmares of yelling and screaming at students all night long. Let me tell you, I don’t take ANY crap in my dreams.

IF you’re wondering, what our students due when they leave here (notice I didn’t say after graduation) we had a student pull an awesome stunt Friday after school. (He is no longer a student here; he was a few years ago) He drove down the middle of the road between the yellow turn lines, at speeds near 100 mph; he lost control (I don’t know why?), hit a transit bus, and knocked the bus into a building, which crushed part of the wall. The kid got out, and ran. The police got him trying to get another car. I don’t know if he was stealing that car, or borrowing it, or what. A few people were injured, and a building, a bus and, a car were smashed. The kid was a real piece of work too. I kicked him out of class several times. Not all our kids go on to drive recklessly, some go on to spend time in California’s top correctional facilities. Well on to Tuesday, 4 days left until Friday.

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