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Daily School Journal Day 28 (PM)

by admin on September 29th, 2003

School has become one of those places that pops up a new problem every day. We’re faced with the no child left behind law (or whatever the hell it is), which basically says teachers can only teach subjects they hold a degree in. This is fine except about 1/3 of Californians have people teaching subjects they don’t have majors in. Lots of teachers teach a class or two in subjects they have minors in. But this law won’t allow you to teach like that anymore, no supplemental credentials, or minors. Basically it will displace a lot of teachers, me included. Don’t get me wrong I don’t mind not teaching subjects I don’t hold a degree in. I prefer it actually. But if you’re going to start forcing people to teach in their subject matter, then provide opportunities for them to do that. Make Visual and Performing arts just as vital a part of school curriculum as math, or science. It’ll be interesting to see what happens the remainder of the year.

We had a lame meeting today, we went over about 10 things we’d gone over before, but nobody could remember, because they really weren’t that important. We had to people from Narcotics anonymous show up today to talk about their program, which means they used to do meth, or smoke drugs through a ballpoint pen or something. They looked like they’d been run ragged. If I were more the explorer type I’d have checked their toes for track marks. They kept looking at us like we were undercover cops. One lady never even spoke. I decided next time they show up at a meeting, I’m putting some powdered sugar under my nose, see if I can drive them crazy.

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