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Daily School Journal day 28 (AM)

by admin on September 29th, 2003

I’m sorry I didn’t write an evening post on Friday, but sometimes you just want to leave as fast as humanly possible, and that’s what I did. I left quickly on Friday. One thing that did happen on Friday is I lost my battle against teaching PE next session. I sort of half lost and half just stopped fighting. I sort of knew I would give in, I always do. I have no will power to say no to doing things at work I don’t like. I always do.

Today’s Monday again, and time to see if a theory of mine holds true. The theory is basically that Niners and Raiders fans are wimps. Whenever their team loses on Sunday they never show up on the following day, to avoid ridicule. The days they are here, they argue over which team is better. I always end up telling them to shut their mouth both of their teams are terrible. It’s funny. The Niners lost yesterday, so the Niner fans should be at home sulking today. The aging Raider nation eeked out a win against a practice team yesterday, so the Raider fans should be here today in their un-intentional throwback jerseys yelling about how their team is back on course to win the Super Bowl. By un-intentional throwback jersey I mean that these jerseys are like old Bo Jackson Jersey’s that their mom bought at the goodwill, or someplace, and they wear it because they have no other clean clothes. I saw an unintentional throwback Bo Jackson Jersey last year, and asked the kid if he was a big Bo Jackson fan, he had no idea who Bo Jackson was. It’s a minimum Monday, so as usual I plan on doing just the minimum. I hope our meeting today is short.

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