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Daily School Journal Day 27 (PM)

by admin on September 26th, 2003

THis blogger thing really has issues with me, for whatever reason.

Today was really boring except for 2 things

1) The student whose mother was killed in a car wreck (I think I mentioned it) showed up for a minute in class with his girlfriend. THe room got really quiet. Nobody (including me) knew quite what to say. We all just sort of sat there, and looked at him. I wish I knew the words to say. You can’t really say “Hey how’s it goin?” Tha’ts dumb. It was a very awkward few minutes.

2) Two former students (2 of my least favorite ever) showed up today, to say goodbye to thier homies, I guess they are getting locked up in Jail. Their crime was breaking and entering or something like that. I just enjoyed it a little too much I think. It was really nice to see them going far in their lives. It was also funny to watch these pasty white kids doing fist pounds and saying goodbye to all their friends from the “hood”. priceless. I wanted to say, “Have fun losers, you deserve it, hope you get a boyfriend soon.”

it’s really the little things here that make it worth while.
After further review, the guy who gets to masturbate bulls for a living with risk of bodily injury (popular science) may have a worse job than me. But you’d get a great conversation starter.
“what do YOU do for a living”
“whack off bulls”

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