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Daily School Journal Day 25 (AM)

by admin on September 23rd, 2003

This morning should be uneventful. After not allowing that student back on campus, and removing another one for breaking his contract (no referrals). The student body will be in a state of morning/fear. It’s like for a temporary amount of time they realize we mean business. I hope we don’t get the revolt attitude, that happens on occasion, and they just act mean because we ticked off one of their friends. I have a train table to finish today.

I’m kind of afraid of going back to a regular school one day and teaching my subject matter. I might pass out from shock when kids do what I ask. Will I remember how to teach?

We’ve started doing detention again. It’s my program designed to reduce tardiness and truancies. It makes me the least popular guy on campus. Kids yell me at all the time. I always offer them to challenge me on my data. If they’re right, I’ll take away their detention. If they’re wrong, I’ll punish them for all the ones I missed. I’ve never lost a challenge. I even tell them. I don’t make challenges I won’t win. We’ll see what happens with today’s detention

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