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Daily School Journal Day 24 (PM)

by admin on September 22nd, 2003


We just had a parent conference. It was not fun. We’ve had similar conferences with the same people, over the same items going on 2 years now. Why won’t we let her son in our school? He’s a huge discipline problem, that’s why. Mom was all distraught that we weren’t going to let her son in. We gave him 3 options, Community Day Program, Independent Study, or Court School. If he went to one of those, proved he was serious, he could come back. This was not what they wanted. (Of course not, he only really wants to hang out with his friends) The lady was really desperate, as I suppose any parent would be whose child was messing up. The end of last year, after we had one of these type meetings, he still continued to act a fool, and talk about how he was going back to the comprehensive high school. He went back and didn’t succeed. He missed a lot of class, and just basically got homesick for his pals here and wanted back. Nobody was about to let him in, so he had this pleading meeting called by his mother who went into her life story. It was all really melodramatic. He’s still not coming back. I felt bad for her in a way. I mean I guess I’d be mad if my son were messing up like hers was. It was obvious she was confused as to what ground to stand on, which way for her to present her side, when she really didn’t have a side to argue. She kept going back to old reports she’d heard. She tried to attack our principal’s attitude, and other teacher’s attitudes. She basically went off any direction she thought she could find a hold in. When she failed in that area, she’d back track to old arguments and keep on those. The funny thing is, all her son needed to do was complete 7 weeks in a self-contained class on campus, and then he’d be back as a regular student. For our students it’s all about the easiest way

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