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Daily School Journal Day 22 (PM)

by admin on September 18th, 2003

Well the day ended, I knew it would. I felt today went pretty good. I saw that the kids are having some sort of bake sale on Monday. I think they’re raising money for Prom or something. I still think it’s incredibly funny we even have a prom. The signs read; DANK BAKE SALE. Our kids will stop at nothing to make a marijuana reference whenever they can. I just checked my school calendars the kids made, to make sure they didn’t say Danktober on it.

I did some painting today in class. Sometimes I’ll bring in a project and work on it in front of the kids. It’s surprisingly soothing for them and me. I think they like to see someone creative working. I don’t know if it inspires them, or just fascinates them. I think partially it surprises them. They just see me as loser history teacher. I don’t think they fully comprehend that I have a 6-year art degree, and am wasting it 99% of my time. They see me paint, and are kind of shocked. I am painting a train table for my sons 3rd birthday. The ones in the store cost almost 200$ I can make one (I think) for about 80$ SO far it looks about how I envisioned it.

I think my kids fabricate stories. Today I heard this;

“Dude I let a black widow crawl on my face. I was hella drunk.”

“Did it bite you?”

“Nah dude, it just crawled around and shit.”

“Why the f**k would you let a black widow crawl on your face?”

“Dude some dude bet me I wouldn’t so I did. I pick up all sorts of spiders. They don’t bite.”

This is the same child who put peppers in his eyes, and mace.

Well I don’t know who the sub tomorrow will be, but I don’t envy them. I’ll file their report on Monday when I return, refreshed and rested.

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