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Daily School Journal Day (20)

by admin on September 16th, 2003

Wow day 20, seems like I should throw a party or something.

I heard a commercial, actually, a couple commercials I found funny.

One commercial said something about, “can you imagine if teachers were paid as much as athletes?”

it just made me laugh. I wish. (and no I can’t imagine.) I wouldn’t be writing this journal if that were the case. I’d be taking a sick day and washing my H2.

Another one said, “For only 80 cents a day, you can provide a child in another country with food, clothing, shelter, books for education.”

If that’s all it costs….maybe we live in the wrong country. Where do they shop? I wanna go on vacation there, man how far would vacation dollars go there. I could afford 2$ a day on vacation..l.would I be a high roller there?

Anyway, Tonight is Back To School Night. We have typically low turnouts. We’d have even lower turnouts if we didn’t bribe kids with pizza and a half a credit for being there. It really backs up my point that what’s wrong with these kids in most cases is their parents fault.

I have school tonight too. This day may never end.

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