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Daily School Journal Day 20 (PM)

by admin on September 16th, 2003

Our server here sucks. It randomly decides when it wants to block Yahoo. So I send someone an e-mail about something from that account (To an address I only have on that account) then it blocks me, and I can’t respond, or find out what I wanted to know. It makes me mad. They also told me they need me to teach P.E. next session. It kind of pisses me off in the fact that, I know they didn’t ask anyone else to do it. They just assume or plan on me doing it. Fact it, I hate it. I’m way too competitive to watch sports played so poorly, and with such apathy. I just can’t stand it. I’m recovering from 3 minor injuries right now, so I can’t really play. I already teach 3 other classes I don’t like. I don’t want another. This is a system where they just GIVE you classes you’re going to teach. I don’t like Government, but because I kind of like Economics, I get to teach Government as well. I like Geography, I didn’t get Geography, I got U.S. History. It’s frustrating. I really miss the days of teaching Art, and having the same assignments for 5 periods a day, and being able to actually feel confident in my abilities when I went to help a student with work.

I had made plans for myself today to get some stuff done I wanted around the house, and build a train table for my sons birthday. I had everything set in my head, and remembered I can’t do it. I have Back To School Night tonight. I also have a meeting at the local College to see about these horrible video classes I have to watch. So my night isn’t done until 8 or so. It’s awful. Not looking forward to it. Like I mentioned this morning, the only way we get parents to BTSN is by bribing them with food, or credits.

I have sort of started thinking of us as this school that sounds good on paper, and looks ok from the outside, but is really full of crap. No way should we be accredited. No way.
The minute we got accredited we started talking about lowering our expectations for what a credit is. It is supposed to be 12 hours of work. We argued about it forever, how we need to make sure we make credits available for all kids. Example; If there is student A in your class for History, and he won’t do any work for you, and he’s a pain in your ass you need to let him read a book, and give him English credit. I have a real problem with this.
If your signed up to do History, you’re friggin’ doing history. If you decide not to you don’t get shit. You can’t sign up to be a computer programmer, then when you decide the job sucks, say, ok I hate this, I don’t want to do it, and be moved to a different position. This does not set a good life lesson. What would kids learn in this type of lesson? I can go do something, slack off at it, hate it, mess around and still get something out of it. I refuse to participate.

I was going to work out today, but that’s not going to happen. CRAP CRAP CRAP CRAP CRAP. Some days just make me pissed. For the most part the kids were pretty well behaved today. Lazy. Not much work completed… but well behaved.

I did try to be nice to kids today even though at times I didn’t want too. I making efforts to try and say nice things and be polite to them even when they make me mad. It’s really hard. I figure small steps.

There’s a story in the paper about 3 kids who murdered this lady in a fake burglary. It turns out these kids were friends of some of our students. It doesn’t even surprise me. O.K. So far this year we have my kids associating with murderers, ex students dying, or driving 100 mph and wrecking, doing drugs, eating peppers, putting them in their eyes, macing themselves, and plotting to rob a pot farm. If something bad in the community happens there is no doubt our kids in someway have a part in it, or know the people responsible directly. You really start to get a good profile of our typical student by who they associate with, and the events that surround them. Then, to wonder why none of them are successful students is ridiculous.

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