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Daily School Journal Day 19 (PM)

by admin on September 16th, 2003

This afternoon was fine. It was actually one of the overall quieter days I’ve had this year. I don’t know if the kids had a hard weekend, or if they were silent in lieu of the deficiency notices I was sending out. It was nice though. One of our student’s mothers was killed in a car wreck in the morning, he didn’t find out until school had started. That’s always pleasant. Here’s how unfazed our kids are by turns of events by this. I had a kid come up to me and say “Dude’s mom died, I don’t think he’ll be at school for awhile, and he’s got all our work, what do you want me to do.” They just don’t seem to understand tragedy. The same kids who when one of our ex-students died of alcohol poisoning, thought they should go out and drink to excess in his memory. I guess when your living a life of tragedy you are the last to be sympathetic. That totally sounded like a hard rock ballad.

Our meeting today after school was surprisingly short, and painless. I swear though, had we just discussed the agenda, no off shoot conversations, just the agenda. Our meeting would last 15 minutes. People always bring up topics of no relevance to the meeting, and we always push an hour plus. Only three days left this week. So it should go by quickly.

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