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Daily School Journal Day 19 (AM)

by admin on September 15th, 2003

Man, Mondays aren’t good unless you plan on taking Friday off like me, then you can make believe that it’s actually Tuesday which isn’t so bad. Weekend was restful as usual, but short.

I watched a movie this weekend called’White boys’; if you haven’t seen it, watch it. It’s not an Oscar award winner by any means, but the three “white boys” in the movie are pretty much candidates for my school. The premise of the movie is it’s about 3 white kids from Iowa, who want to be gangster rappers. I missed the first 40 minutes, but I am sure it was great as well. The kids talk like their members of a gang. I quoted a kid last week that talked just like that. They have a black friend, who lives in an upscale house, with well off parents. I missed the first part as I said, so I don’t even know why he would be friends with these kids. They end up going to Chicago, and Flip Dogg (the main character) wants to score some drugs, so they go to this Black guys house, who just seems really unimpressed with these dopey white kids driving a huge Chevy step side (that’s gangsta!) Somehow he agrees to take them to see some people. Long story short, Flip Dogg ends up in this house full of hard core black drug dealers, and acts like a total fool, gets kicked about 20 times, then cops show up, guns are fired one of the black guys dies… the step side ends up high tailing it back to the field of dreams. It ended bizarrely with some weird dream sequence, with Flip Dogg running through the cornfields, being chased by the dead black guy with an ear of corn on his head. I didn’t get it.

Today is a minimum day, which helps make things go by a little easier.

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