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Daily School Journal Day 17 (PM)

by admin on September 11th, 2003

Well, nothing new today. Most of the classes were fairly well behaved. I have one student who doesn’t seem to “get it”. He always wants to listen to his headphones during my film class. Uhm no, I can’t have you listening to headphones, DURING a movie, because you won’t hear the movie. He always tries to argue.

“There’s no rule against just having them on.”

“Actually it’s in the handbook, I know I wrote that part. It’s up to the teacher to set rules for headphone use. If you want to listen to them fine, go sit outside.”

“No. You just want a reason to give me a referral.”

He just doesn’t get it. He didn’t listen to his headphones today though. He just likes to battle me on things.

I didn’t get around to asking kids like I wanted. They were so quiet, and well behaved for the most part I didn’t want to ruin the vibe.

One thing I hate about education in general is when a kid does something bad when he’s outside your room; it’s your fault. I can’t control what people do once they leave my room. Such and Such was outside during your class messing with someone in another class. He told me he was going to the restroom, so if he decides not to use it, and go mess with people there’s not much I can do. I had that happen at another school as well. Some principal pulled me out of class and chewed my ass because some kids had taken clay and thrown it all over the walls. If someone wants to steal clay or anything like that out of any room it can be done with ease. If you watched them like a hawk, they could still do it. To blame me for THEIR poor decision making skills is really crappy. You can be angry, but be angry with the people who committed the act. It’s like pulling a policeman aside and saying, a crime was committed today in your jurisdiction, you didn’t see it. YOU SUCK! People only have so much control over things.

My leadership class managed to make an itinerary for our “Fall Harvest” I was pretty impressed with their work. They did the research, managed to find something out about pumpkin bowling, and managed to politely call a bowling alley and secure use of 10 old bowling pins. It was all around good work.

Well today’s done.

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