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Daily School Journal Day 13 P.M.

by admin on September 5th, 2003

Well as it turns out not everyone likes Friday. I overheard this first thing this morning

“Dude its Friday”

“Dude, F**k a Friday”

“Nah F**k you, it’s Friday”

“Dude F**k a Friday, I got work days this weekend”

“Hella sucks”

I don’t really know, Today the first three classes were well behaved (moderately speaking) the majority of the kids think because it’s Friday, they should be allowed to just not do anything. When you ask them to get started their reply is always “Dude it’s Friday.” I wish I could say, “Dude f**k a Friday, get started.”
This was one child’s reply for me today.

“Dude you should have cots in the classroom”

I should, I know, I think I have found a grant I need to write. ‘Cots For Classrooms’
I’ll petition the public, and storm the capital demanding it. Our kids are tired! Give them somewhere to sleep.
Second Period had some interesting conversations; here are the best of them. The kids were talking about scoring some marijuana for the weekend

“We’re going to jump the fence and take it. I am going to bring my knife”

“Dude I got a big ass knife I’ll bring. What kind of dogs he got?”



“Nah it’s cool we’ll throw a rock over first, he keeps them inside at night”

(Other person) “Dude, I’d be hella pissed some one stole my green”

“He don’t care dude, he got bags of the shit inside, medical shit. He just grows cuz he can”

The conversation later turned to pets. It appears one of our student’s wants pet rattlesnakes. Why you would want this, I don’t even know. But he wants to put the snakes in a glass container, and put glass over the top of it, and make it a coffee table, add some scorpions, and call it good.

“Dude you can’t tell me it wouldn’t be cool to have a coffee table full of venomous creatures just kickin’ it”

Me: “You’ll get bit. Either drunk, or in feeding them, you’ll get bit.”

“No way, I’ll have a tube set up with a lever that I can drop a rat in, and step on a pedal and the rat will go in the cage, It’ll be hella bad.”

Me: “You’ll get bit.”

(Other kid) “Dude I had 2 pet rattlesnakes before. I didn’t get bit.”

At this point I sort of just took a back seat approach. I was sort of in shock anybody other than a reptile freak would want rattlesnakes for pets.

(Yet another kid) “Dude I’d give a snake crack, so it’d be all f**ked up crawling around.”

(Back to the first kid) “No dude, I wanna get sharks in a tank, hella big ones.”

Me: “Sharks don’t really get that big in aquariums, and they tend to not do very well.”

“Dude in a big aquarium, depends on how big it is.”

Me: “Fine if you wanna dish out the cash for one that big, knock yourself out.”

“Dude make one, I’ll buy a big ass piece of plexi-glass and make one.”

I just stopped after this. Trying to put logic out there for the kids to grasp it doesn’t work so well. But they went on to talk about how cool it’d be if they had a huge party and people could look at the snakes. The conversation turned to what would happen if someone got drunk and passed out on the table, and broke it and got bit.

Me: “The lawsuit you’d get for having a tank full of rattlesnakes at your house, and having someone get bit would be HUGE.”

“Sue away, I’ll kill the snake and bury it. What snake. Dude just got drunk and broke my table.”

Me: “What about the Snake BITE?”

“He got it himself, somewhere else.”

Whatever, I just let it end that way. I don’t get kids like this. I can’t relate to thinking like that, maybe if I were still in 5th grade I might be able to see it their way.

In my film class today, instead of notes I got this
Mr. *,

It is hard to focus on a movie that dose not intrest you. So I think we should all vote on the next movie people might actually do their work. Thank You

I laughed, I told her if she wants a say in what movie she views go to the movie theatre.

My last class had some good work, except for the kid who keeps talking about co*k sucking, it’s the only insult he knows. Or AuRooster sucker”, apparently his BUS driver told him he was immature for using that insult. His reply, “it’s not my fault he’s a co*k sucker.”

Well I am out of here for the day; it’s been WAY too exciting. I’m going to think this weekend about how I would change a school like this if I were an administrator.

We did have one thing funny happen in another class, it seems one of our male students put a large pink erase and had it stuck in his zipper, and wanderd around like he’d zipped himself up in the restroom. I don’t know why we didn’t just kick him out of school.

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