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Daily School Journal Day 12 A.M.

by admin on September 4th, 2003

I woke up early AGAIN; I’m sick of waking up and lying in bed, dreading getting dressed and going to work. I also woke up wondering why I had a dream I was in school and Ellen Degeneress was my teacher. What that means, I shudder to think. It was bizarre though.

I drove to work today in one of those dazes where you don’t really remember the drive.
I finally snapped back in when I heard an ad for the local Flea Market. I thought; I bet if we just took off the’High School’ part of our name, and added’Flea Market’, more of our student’s parents would show an interest. I went to a meeting for my child’s pre school last night, we had more parents there then I’ve seen at open house and back to school night combined. Crazy.

I’m going to go ponder that dream some more.

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