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Daily School Journal Day 11 P.M.

by admin on September 3rd, 2003

Wow. Sometimes it’s all you can say. I’m always sort of actively looking for other jobs, and I still don’t have one. When you’re here, you really don’t know if you even like your profession anymore, it always seems like such a lost cause. The main problem is you’ve gone to college and decided that you want a particular profession, now you’re too old to go back to college and pick another. So you look at job openings, and realize wow I can’t get into other job fields just based on what I do now, you always need prior experience. It’s frustrating.

We were watching Black Hawk Down. I tried to give them the scoop of what happened prior to that event, and nobody listens, they just look at you with visions of green dankie dancing in their heads. They look at you like they’re paying attention, but you ask them what you just said, and they have no clue. In one part of the movie a solider has a seizure, and falls on the ground. One of our kids just laughs at it. That’s what I deal with.

“I just thought it was funny as f**k” was his answer to why he thought it was so funny.

This type of behavior just adds to the stress load, the apathy in me, etc. It’s like a cruel game. Hey, let’s surround you with people, and situations that make you angrier than you can imagine, and you’re not allowed to say anything the way it needs to be said.
The Jackson’s said it best, “It’s like torture!”

If I didn’t have a family to support, I would in no way put up with any of this garbage, I’d leave, live in a small 1 bedroom apartment, eat, sleep and work a 9-5 job mowing yards or something. Something where at the end of the day I felt like I’d done something.

The Educational system (excuse me while I get back on my soapbox) has a problem. There are a group of kids nearly impossible to service, but because one kid out of every 500 ends up changing (whether by the education or just growing up) so they make an educational program for them, so they can say, “Hey we service the bad kids too.” It’s all politics. What they need is more work orientated programs, get these kids learning a trade or skill that they’ll use in life. One of my better kids said today. “Hey I’m still gonna hammer nails for 20$ an hour”

This kind of system misallocates, money, teachers, and students. When was the last time someone high up in politics was in a continuation school for an extended period of time? Sure you’ll see a Governor or a President at some school for troubled youth on TV, making a publicity stop for 5 minutes, but does he REALLY see the school? NO. IF they did spend some time here the system would change, it’d have to. It’s way too dysfunctional

Over half of our kids are on a 6th grade reading level, or lower in other places. (EASILY over half) So do we dumb down our levels of instruction, and expectations? If so, we’re not a “High School” by state standards, we’re lying. We’re now accredited as a real high school, and I can’t see giving a diploma to kids who can’t read what it says. I have real issues with that, yet we do every year. Oh well.

It’s like when the Valdez crashed, and oil was seeping out all over seals and birds, and someone said, “we’re going to save all this wildlife.” No you’re not. The ones you do save take so much time cleaning up, with multiple people PER animal, that it’s exspensive, and really difficult, not to mention time consuming. The same applies here. Crap has been polluted in these kids in a bad way for a long period of time. I can’t fix it by myself. I don’t have the proper training for that. If I try to focus on one of the kids that have the most need, the other 19 in my room will “die”. If I try to focus on all the kids, I may sustain them for a while, but as soon as they leave my eye, they sink right back down again.

I am out of here. I have happy kids at home, that I can do something about.

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