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Daily School Journal Day 11 A.M.

by admin on September 3rd, 2003

Yesterday was one of those days where you’re ready to not come back. 2/3 of the days are like that, where the overall low level of these students just frustrates you to the point of really being mad and wanting to quit. You realize the problems that 90% of these kids have go back so far (birth) that they are for all practical purposes impossible to fix. If the kid reads and writes on a 3rd grade level, I can’t fix that. I am not a 3rd grade teacher. The attitude problems these kids have also go back to their parents not spending time with them, reading to them, not knowing how to handle conflict. The next time you see those kids in the supermarket, and you know THOSE kids, the ones screaming at their parents, wearing shabby clothes, asking for everything, and parents are buying it, running around like they have no boundaries. The next time you see them, think of me, those are the kids that end up here.

We’re going to offer a parenting program this year put on by the county, to help dysfunctional parents learn how to set boundaries, and be parents. I have no idea whether this will help or not, but it sounds good on paper. Can you be a total moronic parent for 16 years then decide, “Hey I’m setting some rules here”. I don’t know.

We’re starting Black Hawk Down today in my film study class. Hopefully it’ll prove a little more exciting for them. The papers should be even more interesting though. I’ve prepared a list of’ways to do well’ for that class, we’ll see if it helps.

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