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Dail School Journal Day 29 (mid-day)

by admin on September 30th, 2003

Here are more quotes from the papers I received The following are from Lord of the Rings- The Two Towers
The first question was simple.

Summarize the movie-Tell it as if you were describing it to someone who’d never seen it.

“The movie started off with the human race and there are other kinds of different people or yorks is what they called them.”

“at the end of the movie it shows mordor and the mtn. Of fire, and Frodo and Sam hella close”

“Basically the lord of the rings is about hobbits,wizards,dorphs, and demonds, all battling over a secrate ring.”

“The good guys ended up winning the battle and destroying the ring” (sure ruin the third movie for the rest of us)

“The orks the people of the first ring bearer, are trying to get the ring back. There is a big war just trying to get back the ring. If the orks get the ring that wil be the end of mankind.” (I think Siskel and Ropert, are in trouble.)

Question #2 Did the length of the movie help or hurt this film? Defend your answer with at least 6 points.

“I think it help the movie because the first movie was so long and if the second movie wasn’t long it wouldn’t seem right. ” (That’s 1 point)

“I think the length of this movie helped it because it helps tell a the story and it lets people know whats going on”

“The length of the movie did help, not only for one point it had different scenes (I hate those 1 scene movies) and made it very interesting to watch.”

“I liked it long because I liked all the detail. It hurt the movie because some parts could have just skipped to the point.” (But what about the details?)

“No it didn’t hurt the movie at all. 1) because the length helped because it gives the movie more plot. 2) helps introduce more characters. 3) give smore things that they can do with the movie like more things to do. (that might be the quote of the year) 4) just makes the movie way better.” ( I’m not sure who Letterman has writing his top 10 lists these days, but someone’s talents here are being wasted away)

Were the Special effects in this movie done well? What risks does a movie that heavily relies on special effects take? How does this work or not work for this movie?

(Here’s an example of something that sounds ok, but really says nothing)
“I think the special effects was okay but they put a little to much of it. Because a movie with a lot of special effects really drains the movie of its special features, and its storyline and in some examples affect the main characters and the plot”

“I think that the special effects really helped the movie because it gives the whole thing just way better with the weird looking characters and all of the scenes make it way better”

What kind of character traits did each of the following possess in this movie? Gnadalf, Frodo, Sam, Aragorn, Gimli, Legolas, Saruman, Merry and Pippin (together), and Gollum and Smeagle. Use 4 film examples for each character.

“Gandalf is smart, powerful and stuff. Frodo is kind of fruity. Sam is kind of pussy like”

(I never new pussy like was a character trait. I think it’s on our list of positive character traits we try and teach. Respect, Responsibility, Honesty, Pussy Like, etc.)

“Frodo is a hobit he has elf ears.” (Again elf ears are a great trait I think that’s on the list too) Sam frodos best friend. He is going with Frodo to mordor keeps Frodo cumfitable. Dosno’t like smigal”

“Gimily is a dwarf. He is aragorns friend. He caries an ax. He is very strong but very short.” ( I think I wrote about this well in kindergarten)

I’ll post other movies soon-

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