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School Journal Day 5 A.M.

by admin on August 26th, 2003

‘I went to a party last Saturday night. I didnt get laid, got in a fight, uh-huh. It aint no big thing’ I think the lives and interests of my students was best summed up by hard rocker Lita Ford in her 80s hit – Kiss me Deadly -. That sums up everything important to my kids, and what they discuss daily. Today is the second day, not much else to say, classes will continue to fill up, until mid-week, where the office can balance out numbers. I was driving to work and saw an old man driving a Chrysler Seabring who looked exactly like the guy from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade who guarded the Holy Grail. I kept waiting for him to turn to me and mouth the words, You have chosen UN-wisely. He didnt. He did have a Dutch Boy painters cap on though, so I thought maybe hes the original Dutch Boy. I doubt it, but its amazing what you ll think about to avoid thinking about work.

I was thinking about it last night and I figure I owe it to those not in education to define what a continuation school is. A continuation school is a school to offer alternative education methods to a select clientele. Our kids come from court schools, juvenile detention centers; they come from regular high schools because of discipline issues, being behind too many credits to keep up. Basically they are the troublemakers, and bullies. Occasionally you get the poor kid who couldnt see very well and somehow made it through 10 grades of school before someone realized it, but darn its too late now, he cant read a lick, so lets put him somewhere, and your heart sort of bleeds for them, but to counter their illiteracy they ve usually figured out how to pound the crap out of people… it’s a great trade off. I was listening to someone somewhere say that if kids dont get -it (it meaning education, their work, etc) its the teachers fault. Thats so un-true. If the whole reason these kids dont learn anything is my fault, thats bunk. What about the first 10 teachers they had, if 10 teachers prior to me couldnt get them to stay on the right track, then its pretty hard for 1 to throw them back on, unless they ve come from similar backgrounds and can relate to them. Really whose fault it is the parents. Id say 99% of the time the reason kids mess around at school, and dont get anywhere is because Mom and Dad (usually not together) dont place a high value on good behavior, and getting an education. And since no teachers get to go home and actually live with the kids, we never get to see exactly what happens. The public is made up of parents who spend tax dollars on educational programs to teach kids, so its easy for them to pass the buck off on teachers not doing their jobs than it is to say, HEY were totally messed up. Well I better get off my soapbox, and get a cold drink or something to pep me up.

This just in, The kid who told me to, ‘ pick it up yourself ‘ has been moved out of my class, so that is a bright spot. On with the day.

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